Independent label: Swamp Records was based in Hereford.  Catalogue numbers suggest that it issued at least seventeen singles, in a WAM-100 numerical series, i have failed to turn up any number lower than WAM-109, so the numbers may have started there for some reason.  The few records that I've seen listed suggest a label which served as an outlet for local artists, rather than a custom-recording label.  The only two singles from the '70s that I have managed to find were 'Hereford United' by Danny "Flash" Lee & The White Tornadoes (WAM-109; 1979) and 'Silk On My Legs' By Telephone Bill & The Smooth Operators (WAM-110; 1979).  The second of those bands went on to record for other companies, including DJM's 'Weekend' label.  Both red (early) and black (late) labels were used, in the same design, both the '70s singles having red ones.  Dates of operation seem to have been 1979 to 1981; by the time of WAM-117 Distribution was being handled by Pye. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Danny Flash Lee She Wears My Ring SWAMP WAM 109
79 Telephone Bill & The Smooth Operators Silk On My Legs SWAMP WAM 110
80 Small Change Still In Love SWAMP WAM 111
80 Eugene & Syncopaters The Great Romantic SWAMP WAM 112
81 Eugene & Syncopaters Kepp Your Pecker Up SWAMP WAM 113
81 Chief Don'T Touch SWAMP WAM 114
81 Supergroove Yawns On 45 SWAMP WAM 115
81 Eugene & Syncopaters Something On Your Mind SWAMP WAM 116
81 Capricorn Bells Of Love SWAMP WAM 117

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