Independent American label: Sussex Records was owned by Clarence Avant and based in Hollywood.  Sussex started life in 1971, and was distributed by Buddah in the States; its records appeared on A & M in Britain initially, with a 'Sussex' logo added.  The Sussex label as such appeared over here in 1974, via B & C, when the company's agreement with A&M came to an end.  It issued nine singles in an SXX-0 numbering series, before folding in mid 1975 when B&C hit terminal financial difficulties.  The American label only survived its British offpring by a matter of months. Pressing of most of the singles was by EMI.  Avant went on to found the much more successful Tabu label. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Creative Source Who Is He And What Is He To You SUSSEX SXX 1
74 Soul Searchers Blow Your Whistle SUSSEX SXX 2
75 Mckee Lonette Save It SUSSEX SXX 3
75 Master Fleet Well Phase SUSSEX SXX 3
75 Mckee Lonette Save It SUSSEX SXX 4
75 Creative Source Migration SUSSEX SXX 5
75 Coffey Dennis Gettin' It On In 75 SUSSEX SXX 6
75 Withers Bill Heartbreak Road SUSSEX SXX 7
75 Gallery I Believe In Music SUSSEX SXX 8
75 Withers Bill Lean On Me SUSSEX SXX 9

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