Independent label: Survival Records issued at least eight singles, and it appears that several numbers may not have been used.  Catalogue numbers were in an SUR-0 series.  None of them are seen all that often nowadays.  It was a member of the President Records family, as witness the typical President-style demo, and was distributed by Enterprise.  The names of Steve Walker and Chris Royal appear on the first three records, which suggests that they may have had something to do with the label.  There was another Survival label, in the 1980s, run by David Rome and Anne Marie Heighway; its singles were numbered in the SUR-000s.  The two companies don't appear to have been related. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Byrde Ester Touch Me Take Me SURVIVAL SUR 1
75 Not Issued SURVIVAL SUR 2
75 Not Issued SURVIVAL SUR 3
75 Abigway Patrica Moon & I SURVIVAL SUR 4
75 Smiling Hard Don'T Call Us We'Ll Call You SURVIVAL SUR 5
75 Not Issued SURVIVAL SUR 6
75 Not Issued SURVIVAL SUR 7
75 Bates Billy Company Take To The Mountains SURVIVAL SUR 8

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