Independent label: Superbad Records was a short-lived member of the President family, Superbad released at least two singles in mid 1978.  'You're Like Magic', by Butch Leak (SB-1; 2/78) as a Soul / Disco thing, as the label design suggests, but 'Dancer', by Surrey Sound (SB-2; 6/79) was Glam Pop.  The Surrey Sound record can be found with or without the small black 'A' on the label, which suggests that the 'A' may perhaps indicate demo copies.  Distribution was by Lugton and H. R. Taylor.  The labels credit President with manufacture, but it may a question of that company getting the pressing done rather than doing it. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Butch Leak You're Like Magic SUPERBAD SB 1
78 Surrey Sound Dancer SUPERBAD SB 2

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