Super Star Records was a DIY label from 1979. A single by Jag, 'I'm Nearly Famous Now' b/w 'If You Walked Away', seems to have been Super Star's only release.  Each side had its own number, the 'A' being 001 and the 'B' 002.  Sadly, fame and super stardom seem to have eluded Jag, despite the tongue-in-cheek claims of the record label, but at least he left his mark on the history of recorded music.  'If You Walked Away' made No.2 on Kenny Everett's Bottom 30 for the year 1980, and that there were rumours that 'Jag' was Cliff Richard deliberately singing off-key.  There were even doubts as to whether the single was real or a spoof by Everett, the Jag was a genuine artist. Distributed By Super Star Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Jag I'm Nearly Famous Now SUPER STAR 001 / 002

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