Independent label: Sunshine Music Records appears to have started issuing records in or around 1976, using an SM-0 numerical series.  After the release of the second of them, Sinclair Brothers' 'African Queen' (SM-2; 1976), the label underwent a slight revamp and became Sunshine Me.  As Sunshine Me it issued at least five more records, both LPs (listed in brackets in the discography below) and singles, all of which used the same SM-0 numbering.  The two 'Sunshine Music' singles were produced by Peter Newington, which suggests that it may have been his label.  Much of the 'Sunshine Me' product has a custom-recording look to it.  Distributed By Sunshine Music Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Dave Armour With Crystal Clear When You Smile SUNSHINE MUSIC SM 1
76 Sinclair Brothers African Queen SUNSHINE MUSIC SM 2
76 Al Wade Al Wade Sings (Album) SUNSHINE ME SM 3
76 Dave Armour The Other Side Of Me (Album) SUNSHINE ME SM 4
76 Blackbottom Stompers Blackbottom Stompers (Album) SUNSHINE ME SM 5
76 Fiddlygig Fiddlygig Means Fun SUNSHINE ME SM 6
77 Campbell And Reid Sweet Vibrations SUNSHINE ME SM 7

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