Independent label: Sunshine Me Records seems to have started out in or around 1976 as Sunshine Music, issuing singles - and albums? - in an SM-0 numerical series.  After 'African Queen' by the Sinclair Brothers (SM-2; 1976) Sunshine Music evolved into Sunshine Me.  SM-3, SM-5 and SM-6 were albums.  SM-7, pictured, was a single by Campbell And Reid, 'Sweet Vibrations'.  ME Ltd seems to have been a production company.   A duo called (Tony) Campbell and (Brian) Reid issued an album, 'Nothing Like The First', on Arny's Shack Records (AS-042) in 1981; presumably they were the same people who did 'Sweet Vibrations', and presumably there was a first album. Distributed By Sunshine Me Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Dave Armour With Crystal Clear When You Smile SUNSHINE MUSIC SM 1
76 Sinclair Brothers African Queen SUNSHINE MUSIC SM 2
76 Al Wade Al Wade Sings (Album) SUNSHINE ME SM 3
76 Dave Armour The Other Side Of Me (Album) SUNSHINE ME SM 4
76 Blackbottom Stompers Blackbottom Stompers (Album) SUNSHINE ME SM 5
76 Fiddlygig Fiddlygig Means Fun SUNSHINE ME SM 6
77 Campbell And Reid Sweet Vibrations SUNSHINE ME SM 7

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