Independent Reggae label: Sunbeam Records issued at least sixeen singles, with varying label designs, from 1973-1976; catalogue numbers go up to SB-25 but some of them seem not to have been used.  Bill Farley produced most of the Sunbeam singles, so it seems a fair bet that the label was his;  that Laurel Aitken, who used the 'Sunbeam Music' credit on some of his releases, may have been one of the forces behind the label in the beginning - and indeed Aitken produced the first single shown.  For most of the time catalogue numbers were in an SB-000 numerical series, though one of the zeroes was dropped on occasions.  The first single had a rather plain-looking label; the red-and-yellow type was used for paper-labelled records from SB-002 to SB-011.  Some issues were injection moulded, and were pressed by Phonogram or Polydor; on a couple of these the label name is given as 'Sunbeam B'.  In early 1975 Sunbeam appears to have joined the Phonogram family, apparently for only a short time; the only record that I have seen which was released during this period was numbered in the 6121-600s, and had an injection-moulded label. 1976 saw the introduction of a different logo, with a '3-D' font, which was in use by the time SB-016 came out.  In the midst of all the Reggae singles is a solitary EP by what looks like a Club / Cabaret band, Cascade, which is somewhat odd: it has a slightly different prefix, SBOO, the second 'O' of which may be a misprint for zero. Distributed By Sunbeam Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Black Gorilla Memories Of Bob Marley SUNBEAM SB 001
73 Lloyd Dexter And The Rowbusters Sons Of Israelite Fathers SUNBEAM SB 002
73 Tiger  Jenny SUNBEAM SB 003
73 Madame Dracula Big Ten SUNBEAM SB 004
73 Not Issued SUNBEAM SB 005
73 No Artist Listed Basement Rock SUNBEAM SB 006
73 Jesse Green Hurricane Woman SUNBEAM SB 007
74 Honeyboy  Let'S Talk It Over SUNBEAM SB 008
74 Little Joy & The Firef Shoorah Shoorah SUNBEAM SB 009
74 Cascade I Don'T Know How To Love Him SUNBEAM SB 0010
74 The Gospel Train Bye And Bye SUNBEAM SB 011
74 Not Issued SUNBEAM SB 012
74 Not Issued SUNBEAM SB 013
74 Little Joy  April Fool SUNBEAM SB 014
74 Tribe Dread Locks No Eat Dat SUNBEAM SB 015
74 Warriors Release Your Daughter SUNBEAM SB 016
74 Little Joy Mack  The Way We Were  SUNBEAM SB 017
74 Locks-Lee Hush Baby Don'T Cry SUNBEAM SB 018
75 Little Joy  My World Is Empty  SUNBEAM SB 019
76 Racky Delvar And The Girls Living In The City SUNBEAM SB 020
76 Not Issued SUNBEAM SB 021
76 Not Issued SUNBEAM SB 022
76 Not Issued SUNBEAM SB 023
76 Winston Francis Sitting In The Park SUNBEAM SB 024
76 Guardian Angel Eighteen Thirty Six SUNBEAM SB 025
75 Jesse Green Go Away Dream SUNBEAM 6121 600

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