Sun Records was a DIY label. It managed one single. 'Little Girl', by the Tu'tones on this Ultra rare virtually unknown label. this apparently is the only record discovered on this label. By this unknown folk duo, The catalogue number, 1BC/45/3639 (which I suspect is a misprint for 'IBC/45/3639'), was one of a series used by IBC Studios, of London; IBC/EP/3655 came out in 1971, so the Tu'tones single is presumably from a little earlier.  The constituent parts of the matrix number were separated by plus signs, which suggests an Orlake pressing. Distributed By Sun Records. I.B.C. Studios Recording and mastering studios located in London. I.B.C. (International Broadcasting Company) was an independent and commercial radio broadcaster. The studios in 35 Portland Place were set up in the 1950s to originally record radio broadcasts but soon became a recording studio, hired by bands and labels.Many great engineers/producers came out of this studio like Glynn Johns, Damon Lyon-Shaw, Andy Knight, Hugh Jones, Richard Mainwaring and Andy Miller, who all worked on hundreds of famous records. In July 1978 the studios were bought out by Chas Chandler and later renamed to Portland Studios. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Tu'tones Little Girl SUN 1BC/45 3639

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