Independent legendary American label, operating out of Memphis, Tennessee: Sun was formed by Sam C. Phillips in 1952, as a result of difficulties he'd been experiencing while trying to get the records that he'd made at his Memphis Sound Studios released through other companies.  The first record on Sun was "Blues in My Condition", by "Little Walter" Horton and Jack Kelly. During the first year Phillips recorded several artists who would go on to have successful careers. Among them were B.B. King,, Rufus Thomas, and Howlin' Wolf. Thomas's "Bearcat", a recording that was similar to "Hound Dog", was the first real hit for Sun in 1953. The label was responsible for discovering Elvis Presley and for developing a new sound, 'Rockabilly': a fusion of white Country and black R'n'B.  Presley's success attracted other young country singers to Sun - singers such as Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison and Charlie Rich, who went on to become household names.   Initially Phillips had concentrated on issuing Blues records; he soon abandoned the Blues and devoted his efforts to Rockabilly, to great effect.  Eventually, however, the company's stars began leaving.  They were not adequately replaced; by 1963 Sun's best days were over.  It was moribund by 1968; in 1969 it was sold to Shelby S. Singleton Jr, who reissued and licenced its back-catalogue zestfully.  The British versions of the Sun label date from this latter, reissue, period.  Singleton's 'Sun' and 'SSS' labels issued limited amounts of product through Philips / Phonogram in the early '70s, using a 6094-000 numerical series for the Sun singles.  Most have paper labels, but at least two Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash's 'I Walk The Line' (6094-008; 9/71) - can also be found in injection moulded form; presumably those were re-pressings.  Later that decade reissue specialists Charly Records 156-166 Ilderton Road, London, SE15, picked up the rights to Sun and put out a few singles on their version of that label.   Charly issues shared the Charly label's CYS-1000 numbering, and were distributed by Lugton and by Pye for the most part, with Spartan taking over at the end of the decade.  Neither of the British versions is commonly encountered, though the Charlys are the commoner of the two.  . Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Roy Orbison Ooby-Dooby SUN 6094 001
70 Carl Perkins Blue Suede Shoes SUN 6094 002
70 Bill Justis Raunchy SUN 6094 003
70 Jerry Lee Lewis Breathless SUN 6094 004
70 Johnny Cash Cry Cry Cry SUN 6094 005
70 Gentrys Goddess Of Love SUN 6094 006
71 Jerry Lee Lewis Great Balls Of Fire SUN 6094 007
71 Johnny Cash I Walk The Line SUN 6094 008
71 Cash Johnny & Tennessee Two Sugartime SUN 6094 009
77 ? Don'T Cry For Christmas SUN CYS 1030
78 Rockabilly Raiders Hurricane Rock SUN CYS 1034
78 Lewisjerry Lee & Friends Save The Last Dance For Me  SUN CYS 1046
79 Orion Ebony Eyes SUN CYS 1060
80 Orion Washing Machine ? SUN CYS 1069
84 Jerry Lee Lewis The Fabulous Jerry Lee lewis SUN EP 001
85 Jerry Lee Lewis The Fabulous Jerry Lee Lewis Volume Two SUN JLL  002

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