Independent Reggae label: Catalogue numbers suggest that Sun and Star - or 'Sun And Stars' as it ended up - issued at least three singles, using an STA-000 / STA-0 numbering series. STA-001 was 'Rule Ethiopia' by The Loving Brother, while STA-3 was Alimantado's 'Best Dress Chicken'; both came out in 1975.  Distribution was by Atomic Records, of Birmingham, who had their own 'Atomic' label.  As can be seen, the label design changed from an initially dull one to something much more eye-catching. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Loving Brother  Rule Ethiopia  SUN & STAR STA 001
75 Not Issued SUN & STAR STA 002
75 Doctor Alimantado Best Dressed Chicken In Town  SUN & STARS STA 003

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