Independent Reggae label: Summit Records was part of the Trojan group.  Summit was dedicated to Leslie Kong productions.  It issued records from 1970 to 1973, in an SUM-8500 series, and is most often met with in the form of its biggest seller, the Melodians' 'Rivers of Babylon'.  As is often the case with Trojan's subsidiary labels, it came in an early plain form and a later more ambitious design.  Mnufacture would probably have been by Orlake, as it was for most of Trojan's associated labels. Summit Records Former) address: Trojan / B&C Recordings Ltd Music House, 12 Neasden Lane, London NW10. Distributed By Trojan Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Rockstones Everything Is Beautiful SUMMIT SUM 8501
70 Brown Glen Collie And Wine SUMMIT SUM 8502
70 Wilson Delroy Got To Get Away SUMMIT SUM 8503
70 Brevett Tony  All God'S Children  SUMMIT SUM 8504
70 Melodians Walking In The Rain SUMMIT SUM 8505
70 Brevett Tony  Staircase Of Time  SUMMIT SUM 8506
70 Boothe Ken Blessed Be The Man  SUMMIT SUM 8507
70 Melodians Rivers Of Babylon SUMMIT SUM 8508
70 Ruffin Bruce Bitterness Of Life SUMMIT SUM 8509
70 Maytals Peeping Tom SUMMIT SUM 8510
70 Pioneers Starvation SUMMIT SUM 8511
70 Melodians It Took A Miracle SUMMIT SUM 8512
71 Maytals Monkey Girl SUMMIT SUM 8513
71 Gaylads My Jamaican Girl SUMMIT SUM 8514
71 Samuel The First Sounds Of Babylon SUMMIT SUM 8515
71 Bruce Ruffin & Beverleys All Stars  Candida SUMMIT SUM 8516
71 Pioneers Get Ready SUMMIT SUM 8517
71 Boothe Ken I Wish It Could Be Peaceful Again SUMMIT SUM 8518
71 Boothe Ken Your Feeling And Mine SUMMIT SUM 8519
71 Maytals One Eye Enos SUMMIT SUM 8520
71 Dowe Brent  Knock Three Times  SUMMIT SUM 8521
71 Melodians Come Ethiopians Come  SUMMIT SUM 8522
71 Chambers James  Bongo Man  SUMMIT SUM 8523
71 Downer Bruce  Free The People  SUMMIT SUM 8524
71 Dowe Brent  Put Your Hands In The Hand  SUMMIT SUM 8525
71 Wailers Stop The Train SUMMIT SUM 8526
71 Maytals It'S You SUMMIT SUM 8527
71 Sidney, George And Jackie  No Sad Song  SUMMIT SUM 8528
71 Maytals Walk With Love SUMMIT SUM 8529
71 Dowe Brent  Freeom Train  SUMMIT SUM 8530
71 Melodians Games People Play  SUMMIT SUM 8531
71 Melodians My Love My Life  SUMMIT SUM 8532
72 Maytals Never You Change  SUMMIT SUM 8533
72 Melodians No Time Has Come  SUMMIT SUM 8534
72 Sidney, George And Jackie  Story Book Children  SUMMIT SUM 8535
72 Maytals Thy Kingdom Come  SUMMIT SUM 8536
72 Maytals It Must Be True Love  SUMMIT SUM 8537
72 Mello & Mellotones  Haile Selassie  SUMMIT SUM 8538
73 Graham Lou  Three Blind Mice  SUMMIT SUM 8539
73 Linkers Ansel  Memories By The Score  SUMMIT SUM 8540
73 Hudson Keith  Melody Maker  SUMMIT SUM 8541
73 Big Youth And Dennis Brown  A So We Stay (Money In Hand) SUMMIT SUM 8542
73 Shorty Perry  The Sweat Of Your Brow  SUMMIT SUM 8543

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