Independent Reggae label: Summer Time Records was owned by Clement Bushay.  Summer Time singles - there seem to have been just four of them - came in two different incarnations.  The first, which started out in early 1975 (or possibly at the end of 1974), issued two singles in a CLEM-000 numbering series; it had a design that featured an apple and a rather battered-looking big cat of some sort.  For the second incarnation, also from 1975, numbering was in a BUS-10 series and the name was given as 'Summertime' rather than 'Summer Time'; as can be seen, the label showed the gate of a field, with hedges, trees, a rising sun, a bunny rabbit, and - somewhat surprisingly - a lion strolling along.  The first single with this design, Locks Lee's 'I'll Never Love Again' ) BUS-10 had a red label. Distributed By Summer Time Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Rupie And Sidy  Return Of Herbert Splifinton  SUMMER TIME CLEM 001
74 Bushey'S All Stars Rock SUMMER TIME CLEM 002
75 Lee Locks  I'll Never Love Again  SUMMERTIME BUS 10
75 Realms Happiness Is Your Middle Name SUMMERTIME BUS 11

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