Stylish Lloydie Records was a DIY Reggae label. There's no date on the label of the only Stylish Lloydie single that I have been able to trace, 'I Want To Be Proud Of You' by Lloyd Banton (SLR-1), but as that singer had at least two other singles out in the 1970s ('My Sweet Cecile', on Horse, HOSS-129, in 1976; and 'You Will Be My Love', on Burning Sounds, BS-039, in 1979) it seems likely that it dates from the second half of the '70s or perhaps the early '80s. Distributed By Stylish Lloydie Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Lloyd Banton I Want To Be Proud Of You STYLISH LLOYDIE SLR 1

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