Independent Reggae label: Student Records was owned by Bert Campbell.  Student released six singles during 1975-76; numbering was in an STU-1000 series.  It seems to have used just the one design, which came in a variety of colours.  There also were some albums, which seem to be from later in the decade.  A number of 12" singles released on the label in the early '80s. Distributed By Student Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 I Roy  Jazz Bo Have Fe Run STUDENT STU 1001
76 L. Williams  Duppy Jamboree  STUDENT STU 1002
76 Frazer Philip  Blue Bird STUDENT STU 1003
76 G. Washington  Rocker Nu Cracker  STUDENT STU 1004
76 Spence Barrington  Mash It Up  STUDENT STU 1005
76 Dowe Brent  It Was Love STUDENT STU 1006

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