Independent label: Stuart Johnson Production Records was One of the more self-effacing record labels.  Only a small line of printing at the bottom of the label identifies Stuart Johnson Productions as being responsible for the single shown and its few siblings.  Catalogue numbers were in an SJP-700 series, which was carried on by the far more prolific Clubland label. The studio at which the recordings were made was Fair Deal, of Hayes, Middlesex; it would appear that when at some point Johnson eventually decided to give his label a proper identity he decided not to give it the same name as the studio but to call it 'Clubland'.  Numbering seems to have started at SJP-761, the '76' part of which may indicate the year in which the label started up.  The only four singles / EPs on the actual Stuart Johnson Productions label that I have managed to trace are listed below, along with a fifth that came out on the 'Rory Records' label.  Two of the singles had a black label of even plainer design than the ones shown it had the artist's name at the top, and the song credits at the bottom, together with 'Stuart Johnson Productions' and the phone number.  There are no dates on the labels, but as Clubland SJP-770 dates from 1976 the Stuart Johnsons, which have numbers very close to that, must be from that period.  The Cobweb single has been described as 'Acid Folk'.  Presumably all of them were custom recordings, as was the case with Clubland records.  The Jimmy Noon EP pictured was pressed by Lyntone and has a matrix number of LYN-3615/6, which pins it down to 1976. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Steve Stewart & Sally Walters Night And Day STUART JOHNSON PRODUCTIONS SJP 761
76 Cobweb (Acoustic Harmony Band)  You'll Go Far STUART JOHNSON PRODUCTIONS SJP 762
76 Rory Blackwell Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast RORY SJP 763
76 Johnny Keen I Can't Stop Loving You STUART JOHNSON PRODUCTIONS SJP 764
76 Moosh 'N' Me Lyric Of Your Love STUART JOHNSON PRODUCTIONS SJP 765
76 Ray Harris Summer In England STUART JOHNSON PRODUCTIONS SJP 766

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