Stuart Gillies Records was a DIY label. It's One of those cases where I've had to use an artist's name in order to give a label some kind of identification.  After winning the 'Opportunity Knocks' TV talent show in 1973 singer Stuart Gillies signed to Philips and enjoyed a Top 20 hit with his first single, 'Amanda' b/w 'Music From Across The Way' (6006-293).  He made several more records - singles and albums - for Philips, and then for EMI, in the '70s, but at the end of the decade he was responsible for a self-financed EP, 'Stuart Gillies At Caesar's Palace, Jersey', featuring the tracks 'Can't Smile Without You', 'Evergreen', and 'Just The Way You Are'.  The catalogue number of the EP was DASG-1; presumably the 'SG' part was taken from his initials, but what the 'DA' stands for is anybody's guess.  A second privately-pressed EP followed in 1980, 'Caesar's Palace - Jersey 1980', but that was on the SRT label (SRTS/80/CUS-702).  Finally 1982 saw a third EP, simply titled 'Stuart'; that again was on SRT (SRTS/82/CUS-1407).  Gillies carved out a successful career for himself, entertaining in cabarets, on cruise ships and in similar venues, and he is still working today (2017) after more than fifty years in showbusiness. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Stuart Gillies Can't Smile Without You STUART GILLIES DASG 1

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