Independent label: Stryka Records was a DIY label. The method of company identification consisted of printed sticky labels put onto a standard white label, which is pure DIY.  Rory Blackwell's EP, 'Help Me Make It Through The Night' appears to have been the only release on Stryka.  There is no date on the label, The catalogue number on the run-off is BP-001, the matrix number P-2065.  Rory Blackwell also had a single out on his own 'Rory' label  in the '70s. Distributed By Stryka Records. Rory Blackwell (born 22 June 1933 in Battersea, London) is a British former rock and roll musician, bandleader of The Blackjacks, singer, drummer and songwriter. n the 1980s, Blackwell worked as the Entertainments Manager at the Welcome Family Holiday Park, Dawlish Warren, Devon where he continued pleasing the crowds and breaking drumming records. According to a 2008 local news article, Blackwell is now retired and living in South Devon. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70s Rory Blackwell Help Me Make It Through The Night (EP) STRYKA BP 001

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