Independent label: Strike Records was started by Tony Jacks and Carole Striker.  Its busy period was from 1978-81, during which period it issued several singles and an LP, all by Jacks or his Mod / Ska band The Tigers; a band which featured at various times Nic Potter, ex Van Der Graaf Generator, and Pete Dobson, formerly with Juicy Lucy.  The second single by the band, 'Big Expense, Small Income' b/w 'Kidding Stops' (STIK-2; 1979) was flipped and reissued by WEA as KIK-1 after that company signed the band, and the KIK-0 series was adopted from then on.  The Tigers concentrated their efforts on the USA for much of the 1980, and Strike mainly lay dormant; it woke up in 1987, when an altered Tigers line-up released another LP on it, as The Pool Sharks. Distributed By Rough Trade Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Tigers Kidding Stops / Big Expense, Small Income STRIKE KIK 1
79 Tigers Ska Trekkin' / Religion for the Hungry STRIKE KIK 2
80 Tigers Promises Promises /Ska Trekkin' STRIKE KIK 3
80 Tigers Savage Music / Ice Cold in Fulham STRIKE KIK 4
80 Tigers (Walk Tall) Do the Crawl / Go for It STRIKE KIK 5
81 Tony Jacks  I Hear a Heartbeat / Wild & Free STRIKE KIK 6
84 Wise Guise I Guess Someone Up There Don't Like Me / Seize the Time (12") STRIKE KIK 7X
84 Not Issued STRIKE KIK 8
84 Not Issued STRIKE KIK 9
87 Pool Sharks Sunshine STRIKE KIK 10
88 Pool Sharks Destination Unknown STRIKE KIK 11
79 Tigers Savage Music STRIKE STING 1
78 Tony Jacksun Night Time Games STRIKE STEP  1
79 Tigers Promises Promises STRIKE STIK 2

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