Independent label: Streets Ahead Records was started as a small independent record shop at 42 Lloyd Street, Altrincham, Cheshire, (about 8 miles from Manchester), England, in the 1970's. It was owned by Bob Jefferson and his wife Jane. It released just three singles: Foreign Press's, 'Downpour' (SA-1; 7/79), Pure Product's, 'Rejection' (SA-2; 8/79) and Fast Cars', 'The Kids Just Wanna Dance' (SA-3; 10/79), each of which had a different style of label. The second single was distributed by Bonaparte and Javelin, and the third by Pinnacle. That record was pressed in France. The fourth single was never released although about 10 were pressed as demos, this was "Images of You" by FAST CARS [SA4]. The shop was closed in 1980, and since then the area has been redeveloped, and where the shop once stood is a large Supermarket. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Foreign Press Downpour STREETS AHEAD SA 1
79 Pure Product Rejection STREETS AHEAD SA 2
79 Fast Cars The Kids Just Wanna Dance STREETS AHEAD SA 3

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