Independent label: Strawberry Records was one of a pair of labels run by the Vogue Choice management agency, under David Williams, the other being VC.  VC was aimed at the MOR market, whereas Strawberry was for teen-orientated material.  It seems to have issued just three singles in or around 1975.  They were a re-release of Jimmy Gilmer's 1963 hit 'Sugar Shack' (CJ-4; 4/76), and a couple of Glam-flavoured singles by Philadelphia Brown - which was a group rather than a person.  Numbering was in a CJ-0 series; CJ-2 and CJ-3 are unaccounted-for and appear not to have been used.  The label was handled by President Records, and was distributed by Enterprise and Lugton. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Philadelphia Brown 1-2-3 STRAWBERRY CJ 1
75 Not Issued STRAWBERRY CJ 2
75 Not Issued STRAWBERRY CJ 3
76 Gilmer Jimmy & Fireballs Sugar Shack STRAWBERRY CJ 4
76 Philadelphia Brown Hold Me STRAWBERRY CJ 5

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