Independent label from Scotland: Strathclyde Records. It managed at least one single. The Dunrobiners, 'Off To Killonan' b/w 'Dunrobin Calypso'.  Its catalogue number, JEF/TD-6735, is one of a series which appears to have been used by Craighall Studios, of Edinburgh, and the label's appearance is of a type shared by other records in the series - see 'T.D. (Craighall Studios)' for a few other examples.  The single came out in 1970.  Richard Gibbs, who used to be a member of the group, writes that he recorded 'Dunrobin Calypso' and another track with them in Wick in 1969 but that that version was never released; this version is a re-recording, made after he left the band. If you know of any more Strathclyde releases I'd be pleased to hear about them.  Distributed By Strathclyde Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 The Dunrobiners Off To Kildonan STRATHCLYDE TD  6753

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