Independent label: Stortbeat Records was based in the Bishop's Stortford / Harlow area. Stortbeat was run by a group of individuals from local bands inspired by the DIY ethic of punk started their own record label. They were Richard Holgarth and Billy Meadows from The Gangsters, Kevin Jones and Shane Roe from The Sods with Colin Babb who did the accounts. Stortbeat began life in 1978 with a 1000 overdraft from a bank. The first release was "Record Company"/"Harlow Town" by The Gangsters. It got good reviews and was played by John Peel on his Radio 1 show. The main venues in the area were The Triad in Stortford and The Square in Harlow. In a couple of months the initial pressing had sold out which enabled more releases to be made. The Harlow Playhouse bar on Saturdays became Stortbeats central meeting point..  Its numbering system was slightly peculiar: in the wake of its first release, The Gangsters' 'Record Company' (A-45; 1979) it issued at least six more singles and one LP using a BEAT-0 series with occasional exceptions.  Featured artists included The Licks, later known as The Epileptics - who evolved into the Anarcho-Punk group Flux Of Pink Indians - and NWOBHM band Deadringer.  The label started up in 1979 and was wound up in 1980. Distributed By Stortbeat Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Gangsters Record Company STORTBEAT A 45
79 Gangsters Gangsters (Album) STORTBEAT BEAT 2
79 Gangsters Best Friend STORTBEAT BEAT 3
79 The Rabbits Kitchen Parties STORTBEAT SB 004
79 Sods No Pictures STORTBEAT ST 005
79 Deadringer Breakout STORTBEAT BEAT 6
79 Spelling Missteaks Rubber Duck Pop Star STORTBEAT BEAT 7
79 The Licks 1970's Have Been Made In Hong Kong STORTBEAT BEAT 8

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