Independent label: Storm Records was based in 133 Park Road Blackpool Lancashire FY1 4ET. It appears to have been the label of Tiny's Studio, which was presumably a custom recording company - a company which recorded tracks and got them pressed in limited quantities for Cabaret artists, Club bands, Folk groups and whoever else was prepared to pay for the process.  Not all of its clients were unknowns: Candlewick Green, who had a hit in 1974 with, 'Who Do You Think You Are', on Decca (F-13480) had an album out on Storm later in the decade.  Storm 7"s were numbered in the SR-000s.  The first Storm EP, featuring 'Mexican Lady' and four other tracks by John Wall & Mike Whiteman, appeared in 1976 and was injection moulded suggesting a Polydor pressing.  The paper label appeared in several different colour combinations; the few that I have seen in the vinyl have been pressed by Orlake.  Storm may well have survived into the 1980s.  It produced at least one 'collectable' in the shape of Gasp's 'Jimmy The Fish' single (SR-028; 1/79). Distributed By Storm Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 John Wall And Mike Whiteman Mexican Lady STORM SR 001
76 Herbert Dawkins Hassle (Rock Opera) STORM SR 002
76 Not Traced STORM SR 003
76 Not Traced STORM SR 004
76 Not Traced STORM SR 005
76 Not Traced STORM SR 006
76 Not Traced STORM SR 007
76 Not Traced STORM SR 008
76 Not Traced STORM SR 009
76 Not Traced STORM SR 010
76 Not Traced STORM SR 011
76 Whittaker School Of Dance And Drama Escape To Rainbow Valley  STORM SR 012
76 The Paulo Brothers The Paulo Brothers  STORM SR 013
76 Anne Duval Love Story STORM SR 014
77 Joey Holliday Holliday In The Sun STORM SR 015
77 Steve Simons  Why I Used To Do STORM SR 016
77 Beryl Johnson Tonight STORM SR 017
77 Fair-Enough  'Sounds' Fair-Enough STORM SR 018
77 Alan White The Importance Of Your Love STORM SR 019
77 Street Spirits  Street Strutting Punks E.P STORM SR 020
77 Beryl Johnson Memories STORM SR 021
77 Si-Fi Theme From The 14th STORM SR 022
78 Maracaibo Maliika STORM SR 023
78 Oceanaires With Les Stevens This Is A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening STORM SR 024
78 Jackson Harry Greetings From Blackpool STORM SR 025
78 Wayne Paulo White Honky Music STORM SR 026
78 Ready Steady Go I Want You Little Darlin STORM SR 027
79 Gasp Jimmy The Fish  STORM SR 028

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