Stop Records was a DIY Irish label associated with The Memories. It managed at least three singles. The Memories was one of Ireland's most beloved pop bands, the Memories humble beginnings came together at St. Vincent's School in Glasnevin. Mick Swan, Daire Doyle, Jim Barry and Colm Harpur had all attended the school and knew each other well, but their paths didn't come together musically until the early 60's when Jim joined the local church choir at St. Peter's in Phibsboro where the other three lads were already members. The band suffered a small setback in 1974 when bass player, Daire Doyle, was injured in a car accident and could not play for several months. Former Creature, Liam McKenna, was drafted to stand in for Daire on bass and ended up staying on, switching back to guitar, when founding member Colm Harpur left the band to work in cabaret in March, 1975.Around 1978, the second founding member of the band, Ray Crowe, left and was replaced by Dominic Green, formerly of The Sands on lead guitar. "Domo" added a new somewhat heavier sound to the band, whose sound and reputation continued to grow, making them one of the top three pop bands of the era. Distributed By Stop Records. 

75 The Memories What 'Ya Gonna Tell Your Mamma STOP OP 0001
75 The Memories (With Synge Street C.B.S. Boys) A Child's Time (The Christmas Story) STOP OP 102
79 The Memories The Main Attraction STOP OP 1012

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