Independent Reggae label: Stop Point Records owned by Winston Edwards.  Stop Point did most of its business in its native Jamaica, but at least four singles on the label appeared over here.  The first two, 'Indeed I Love You' by Sugar And Spice (DL-0021) and Gregory Isaacs's 'End Of The World' (DL-0022) came out  in 1973-74 and were handled by Dip Records.  The third, Tony Brevett's 'Words Of Prophecy' appeared in 1976, with a completely different label design and a different distributor, Fay Music.  Its catalogue number, shown on the run-off but not on the label, was SPR-001, and the matrix number, LYN-3862, indicates that pressing was by Lyntone. Distributed By Stop Point Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Sugar And Spice Indeed I Love You STOP POINT  DL 0021
73 Isaccs Greggory  The End Of The World  STOP POINT  DL 0022
76 Tony Brevett Words Of Prophecy STOP POINT  SPR 001
76 Donavan / Fullwood  Deeper And Deeper STOP POINT  WE 102/WE 103

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