Independent Reggae label: Stonehouse Records issued five singles in 1976-77, using an 000 numbering series.  All were Alton Ellis productions; The label was owned by Ellis, in association with Bert Campbell and Ital Music. Alton Ellis Real Name: Alton Nehemiah Ellis King of Rocksteady was Born: 1st September 1938 Kingston, Jamaica and Died: 10th October 2008 London, was aJamaican singer, songwriter, producer and promoter. Alton Ellis was born in down town Kingston into a musical family and raised in Trenchtown, Kingston. He was the older brother of reggae singer Hortense Ellis and at the end of his life father of 20 children. "The Godfather of Rocksteady" traveled regularly to England, and even moved there in 1973 after spending some years in Toronto, Canada. When moving to the U.K., he stopped all his Jamaican band projects. In London, he started his own business with a record store called Alltone, later also converged to a same titled label. He recorded with British producers and toured till the end of his life. He died in London 10 October 2008 at Hammersmith Hospital, of cancer. In his five decades of reggae music, he was always an important influence. Nearly every Jamaican reggae artist refers to him as "King" or "Father". He nearly worked with all important personalities of reggae history. He definitely leaves a huge gap.  Distributed By Ital Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 J Tony & Alton Ellis  Telephone Line STONEHOUSE SH 001
76 Caretaker  Majority Rules  STONEHOUSE SH 002
77 Kay Janet & Kaylets  Loving You STONEHOUSE SH 003
77 Ellis Alton & Sugar Minott  Come Now Natty Dread  STONEHOUSE SH 004
77 Clinton Senior  Son Of Man  STONEHOUSE SH 005

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