Independent label: Stone Records was associated with Sonet, distributed by Pye.  Stone's singles shared a SON-2000 numerical series with those of its parent company.  There don't appear to have been many of them, but two registered in the Charts: Danny Mirror's, 'I Remember Elvis Presley' (SON-2121; 1977) got into the Top 5, and Gidea Park's, Beach Boy Gold' (SON-2162; 1978) reached the No.11 spot when it was reissued in 1981.  Some Stone records had blue labels, others were fawn-coloured or white.  The only Stone single that I have managed to trace in addition to those listed below as a reissue of Andy Stewart's 'Donald, Where's Your Troosers' (SON-2353), which didn't come out until 1989; that, too, was a hit, peaking at the No.4 in the charts. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Danny Mirror  I Remember Elvis Presley STONE  SON 2121
77 Danny Mirror  A Child'S Prayer STONE SON 2130
78 Errol That Song STONE SON 2154
78 Gidea Park Beachboy Gold STONE SON 2162
79 Sandy Mam I'M In Love With John Travolts STONE SON 2178
89 Andy Stewart  Donald Where'S Your Troosers[Re-Issue] STONE SON 2353

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