Independent label: Sticky Records of Southend, was a label of distributors Enterprise Records.  Sticky appears to have made two separate attempts at cracking the singles market.  Its first batch of singles, dating from 1973, were numbered in the STY-0s; catalogue numbers suggest that there were at least six of them, the first of them came out in April of that year.  Naturally enough, they were distributed by Enterprise themselves.  After the sixth release Sticky seems to have been shelved.  A gap of three years or so followed; then in March 1977 another single was issued, this time numbered in an STY-100 series.   The following year saw another two releases in that series, so the schedule was hardly a busy one.  The label design is the same for both series.  Various kinds of music can be found on Sticky.  In its first incarnation it leaned towards Soul, with some product licensed from American labels; in its second it was distinctly Rockier.  Latterly Sticky was marketed by President Records, with distribution by Lugton and H. R Taylor. The late '70s saw the appearance of another Sticky label and a couple of 'Sticky Label' labels, while in the early '80s a third Sticky label released at least five singles using a PEEL OFF-0 numerical series. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Sensation Everybody Wants It STICKY STY 1
73 Soul Generation Million Dollers STICKY STY 2
73 Fancy Brother John STICKY STY 3
73 Not Issued STICKY STY 4
73 Sensation Black Eyed Woman STICKY STY 5
73 Carole Forbes Bitter Blue STICKY STY 6
77 Young Robert Nat Hot Stuff STICKY STY 101
78 Helter Skelter I Need You STICKY STY 102
78 Christ Moose White Christmas STICKY STY 103

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