Stewart Ross Records had its own discrete SR-0 catalogue numbering and I had to find some way of giving the label an identity of its own, so for the purposes of this site 'Stewart Ross' will do.  The label seems to have been a one-off DIY effort, with an EP containing 'Home To Inverness', 'I Wish You Joy', 'My Bonnie Maureen' and 'Shirley Ann' being its only product.  As can be seen from the scan, the catalogue number of the EP was SR-1 and the year of its release was 1977.  Singer / songwriter Stewart Ross had made several records for mainstream Scottish companies such as Grampian and Scotia; it appears that the mid '70s saw him producing and releasing his records himself.  The label design is typical of that used by Craighall Studios, of Edinburgh - see 'T.D. (Craighall Studios)'. Distributed By Stewart Ross Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Stewart Ross Stewart Ross Sings STEWART ROSS SR 1

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