Steve Wicks Records was one of those case where the label's name isn't obvious, if indeed it has one; so I've used the artist's name as a form of identification - it's the largest feature on the label.   Steve Wicks put out a self-financed single, 'Amsterdam' b/w 'Footnote' in 1978.  It had a catalogue number of SWAS-001, which is written as 'ASSW-001' on the run-off.  The matrix numbers, which are in the Pye style but lack the usual markings at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock, suggest that 'Amsterdam' was originally intended as the 'B' side.  The look of the label suggests an Orlake pressing despite the Pye-style matrix numbers, and to complicate matters further the labels on my copy are on the wrong sides.  The publisher of 'Footnote' is given as Arny's Music, which, together with the 'AS' in the prefix, suggests that the record was made through Tony Arnold's 'Arny's Shack' company, of Poole; and the general layout of the credits is reminiscent of those on Arny's Shack singles.  Both sides of the record are serious Singer / Songwriter material, with just piano and / or acoustic guitar for accompaniment; 'Amsterdam' was recorded live. Distributed By Steve Wicks Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Steve Wicks Amsterdam STEVE WICKS SWAS 001

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