Independent label: Step Forward Records was Founded by Sniffin' Glue editor Mark Perry and backed by Miles Copeland, this seminal punk label mainly specialized in the London punk bands that Perry was raving about in his fanzine. Step Forward was a member of the 'Faulty Products' group, alongside Illegal and Deptford Fun City.  The company's signings reflected Perry's radical attitude, with the likes of The Fall and Chelsea sticking closely to their anti-capitalist principles; refreshing, when you consider how many Punk bands were hurrying to sign up to major companies at that time.   That said, Sham 69, another of the Step Forward bands, went to to sign for Polydor and have a number of hits...  The label lasted from 1977-to 1983, and put out twenty-three singles / EPs, in an SF-0 series, and ten albums.  There was a pause of several months after the first half-dozen releases; when things got going again, in August 1978, the original melticoloured label had been replaced by a more sober one, distribution was initially by Lightning; Faulty Products took over that job in 1978, and by the end of 1979 Pye was doing it. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Cortinas Fascist Dictator STEP FORWARD SF 1
77 Chelsea Right To Work STEP FORWARD SF 2
77 Models Freeze STEP FORWARD SF 3
77 Sham 69 I Don'T Wanna STEP FORWARD SF 4
77 Chelsea High Rise Living STEP FORWARD SF 5
78 Cortinas Defiant Pose STEP FORWARD SF 6
78 Fall Bing0 Master Breakout [Ep] STEP FORWARD SF 7
78 Chelsea Urban Kids STEP FORWARD SF 8
79 Fall It'S The New Thing STEP FORWARD SF 9
79 Lemon Kittens Spoonfed And Writhing [ Ep ] STEP FORWARD SE 10
79 Fall Rowche Rumble STEP FORWARD SF 11
79 Transmitters Still Hunting For The Ugly Man [ Ep ] STEP FORWARD SF 12
80 Fall Fiery Jack STEP FORWARD SF 13
80 Chelsea No One'S Coming Outside STEP FORWARD SF 14
80 Chelsea Look At The Outside STEP FORWARD SF 15
80 Chelsea No Escape STEP FORWARD SF 16
81 Chelsea Rockin' Horse STEP FORWARD SF 17
81 Chelsea Freemans STEP FORWARD SF 18
81 Chron Gen Reality STEP FORWARD SF 19
81 Chelsea Evacuate STEP FORWARD SF 20
82 Chelsea War Across The Nation STEP FORWARD SF 21
82 Chelsea Stand Out STEP FORWARD SF 22
83 Major Accident Mr Nobody STEP FORWARD SF 23

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