Stentor Records was a DIY label. seems to have been either a custom recording concern or a DIY label, based in the Southend area.  The catalogue number of an EP of songs called 'The Country Code', SR-2061, suggests that there ought to be lots of Stentor records out there. It seems unlikely that dozens of records would disappear without trace, which leaves me wondering if perhaps the numbering may have started - and ended? - at 2061 for some reason. 'The Country Code' contained seven items written by Betty Goddard, music teacher and deputy headmistress at the Westcliff High School for Girls, and recorded by the school choir.  There's no date on the EP, but intensive research (!) has revealed that two of the instrumentalists credited on the sleeve were at the school from 1973 to 1978, which gives us the range of possible years and allows us to pin the record down to our decade.  In addition to the titles shown on the scan the EP offered 'Woodland Song', 'Fire Song', 'Echo Song', and 'Finale'.  The roughness of the centre of the label suggests a British Homophone pressing, which the style of the matrix number doesn't actually contradict, but that's only a possibility not a certainty.  If you know of any other Stentor records, 7" or 12", I'd be pleased to hear from you. Distributed By Stentor Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Betty Goddard The Country Code STENTOR SR 2061

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