Independent label: State Records was run by the songwriting / production team of Wayne Bickerton and Tony Waddington and John Fruin.  It started out in 1975 and kept going until early 1983, releasing around one hundred and nineteen singles in the process.  The company enjoyed a fair amount of success in the Glam-Pop and Disco-Pop fields, notably with The Rubettes, who gave it its first Top 10 single with its first release ('I Can Do It'; STAT-1) and followed that with five more Top 50 hits.  Mac and Katie Kissoon managed a Top 10 record with, 'Don't Do It Baby' (STAT-4), and a couple of lesser Chart placings, and there were several one- and two-hit artists.  The '80s saw a slackening of the pace, however, and State seems not to have continued on into 1984. Initially manufacture, sales and distribution were by Polydor under a licensing deal - Bickerton was head of A&R at that company - and the singles appeared with typical Polydor / Phonodisc family injection-moulded labels; the light blue dinked paper label dates from the Polydor years but was a contract pressing made by EMI.  WEA took over distribution in May 1977, and paper labels became the norm.  As was the case with other WEA-family labels some had a small black 'A' on the appropriate side, others did not; the 'A' does not indicate a promo copy.  The design of the company sleeve remained basically the same, but WEA were named as distributors at the bottom of it.  The style of the matrix numbers on the examples that I have seen indicates that they were pressed by CBS. State was to handle its own marketing under the new deal.  There were further changes of design in the 1980s, when State moved on to PRT, RCA and then Pinnacle. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.


75 Rubettes I Can Do It STATE STAT 1
75 Whisky Mac Lost & Found STATE STAT 2
75 Quill Stripper STATE STAT 3
75 Kissoon Mac & Kitie Don'Do It Baby STATE STAT 4
75 Shorty  Its Getting Sweeter All The Time STATE STAT 5
75 Heart & Soul Make Sweet Love STATE STAT 6
75 Rubettes Foe-Dee-O-Dee STATE STAT 7
75 Beck Steve For The Love Of You STATE STAT 8
75 Kissoon Mac & Kitie Like A Butterfly STATE STAT 9
75 Benson Gary Dont Throw It All Away STATE STAT 10
75 Federation Back To Back STATE STAT 11
75 Benson Gary You STATE STAT 12
75 Rubettes Little Darling STATE STAT 13
75 Casino Crazy STATE STAT 14
75 Kissoon Mac & Kitie Im Just Dreaming STATE STAT 15
76 Benson Gary Tiffany STATE STAT 16
76 Sunshine Maria STATE STAT 17
75 Toga More STATE STAT 18
75 Shorty  Fools & Lovers STATE STAT 19
76 Rubettes You'Re The Reason Why STATE STAT 20
76 Kissoon Mac & Kitie The Two Of Us STATE STAT 21
76 Duprees Delicious STATE STAT 22
76 Lingo Laurie & The Dipsticks Convoy G.B STATE STAT 23
75 Benson Gary Let Her In STATE STAT 24
75 Delegation Promise Of Love STATE STAT 25
76 Kissoon Mac & Kitie Where Would Our Love Be STATE STAT 26
76 Rubettes Under The Roof STATE STAT 27
76 Hurd Bill Fools & Lover STATE STAT 28
76 Benson Gary Sharing You STATE STAT 29
76 Kettle Thinking Just Of You STATE STAT 30
76 Tamlins Simplicity STATE STAT 31
76 Nashville Dirt Band Nashville  STATE STAT 32
76 Prefect Walking In The Park Together STATE STAT 33
76 Heavy Water Let It Rain STATE STAT 34
76 Laurie Lingo & The Dipsticks Live At The Blue Bour STATE STAT 35
76 Scott Bill Christmas Tale STATE STAT 36
77 Rubettes Baby I Know STATE STAT 37
77 Water Pistols Gimmie That Punk Junk STATE STAT 38
77 Champagne Old Time Music STATE STAT 39
77 Delegation Where Is The Love STATE STAT 40
77 Benson Gary Can'T Let You Go STATE STAT 41
77 Kissoon Mac Stonewall STATE STAT 42
77 Glass Band Singapore Sling STATE STAT 43
77 Rubettes Ladies Of Laredo STATE STAT 44
77 Not Traced STATE STAT 45
77 Showdown Whats Your Name STATE STAT 46
77 Not Traced STATE STAT 47
77 Kissoon Mac & Kitie Your Love STATE STAT 48
77 Not Traced STATE STAT 49
77 Liverpool Football Team We Can Do It STATE STAT 50
77 Rokotto Get Up And Dance STATE STAT 51
77 Showdown Whats Your Name STATE STAT 52
77 Breeze Let Me Believe It'S Like Heaven STATE STAT 53
77 Kissoon Katie If Not For Your Love STATE STAT 54
77 Delegation You'Ve Been Doing Me Wrong STATE STAT 55
77 Mainstreet Holding On STATE STAT 56
77 Anthony George Don'T Play Your Rock 'N' Roll For Me STATE STAT 57
77 Camouflange Bee Sting STATE STAT 58
77 Kink Ricky Verde STATE STAT 59
77 Glass Band Getting In Deep With You STATE STAT 60
77 Not Traced STATE STAT 61
77 Rokotto Boogie On Up STATE STAT 62
77 Showdown Keep Do'In It STATE STAT 63
77 Delegation Promise Of Love STATE STAT 64
78 Brookes Paul Stardancer STATE STAT 65
78 Plummet Airline It'S Hard STATE STAT 66
78 Roberts Donna There Ain'T No U F O STATE STAT 67
78 Rokotto For The Brokenhearted STATE STAT 68
78 Benson Gary Don'T Throw It All Away STATE STAT 69
78 Kissoon Mac & Katie Sugar Candy Kisses STATE STAT 70
78 Martinez I Love The Way You Love STATE STAT 71
78 Murray Bill Heart & The Stone STATE STAT 72
78 Hampden Heroes Scotland Bonnie Scotland STATE STAT 73
78 Mainstreet No Appointment Necessary STATE STAT 74
78 Delegation Honey Im Rich STATE STAT 75
78 Sunshine Too Much Love STATE STAT 76
78 Brown Sugar Look What You'Ve Done STATE STAT 77
78 Maytals Disco Reggae STATE STAT 78
78 Thunderboots I Remember Lucy STATE STAT 79
78 Rokotto Funk Theory STATE STAT 80
78 Martinez Nigel You'Re Mine Now STATE STAT 81
78 Delegation Oh Honey STATE STAT 82
78 St John Wayne Something'S Up STATE STAT 83
78 O'Lane Amigos Ardiles & Villa STATE STAT 84
78 Charter III Main Theme From 'TV Eye' STATE STAT 85
78 Cartland Barbara If Yo Were The Only Girl In The World STATE STAT 86
78 Reffold Stuart  Kiss Your Lover Goodbye STATE STAT 87
78 Soothsayer Lion Sleeps Tonight STATE STAT 88
78 Whittaker Mark One Night Stand STATE STAT 89
78 Rats & Delicious No Time STATE STAT 90
78 Hudd Roy Everybody Needs A Christmas Tree STATE STAT 91
78 Pryde Bob Santa'S Little Helper STATE STAT 92
78 Not Traced STATE STAT 93
78 Eclipse Get Up, Get Up STATE STAT 94
78 Patchwork Miller'S Tune STATE STAT 95
78 Rokotto Somebody'S Been Sleeping In My Bed STATE STAT 96
79 Brooks Paul Julie'S Theme STATE STAT 97
79 Limousine Sweet Story STATE STAT 98
79 Denny & Jets Shoo-Be Doo STATE STAT 99
80 Motion Pictures Twisted Avenues STATE STAT 100
80 Red Alert Break The Rules STATE STAT 101
81 Proud Peter Hypnotist STATE STAT 102
81 Proud Peter Angel Baby STATE STAT 103
81 Motion Pictures Jon STATE STAT 104
81 Whittaker Mark Looking For Love In A Stranger STATE STAT 105
81 Strand Nobody Drinks Champagne Anymore STATE STAT 106
81 Rokotto If I Had You STATE STAT 107
81 Proud Peter That Girl STATE STAT 108
81 Orchestral Fever Xmas Stars And More STATE STAT 109
81 Rokotto She'S A Woman STATE STAT 110
81 Holloway Elaine  Mr Christmas STATE STAT 111
81 Lynn Vera  I Love This Land STATE STAT 112
81 Zager & Fashion In Love Again STATE STAT 113
82 I Spy Club I Spy STATE STAT 114
82 Boizee Winter Is STATE STAT 115
82 I-Spy Club Memories Are Made Of This STATE STAT 116
82 Fashion Chris  Ee-Tee (We Love You) STATE STAT 117
82 Blackstuff Lads Gis'  A Job STATE STAT 118
82 Elite You Don'T Care About I STATE STAT 119


77 Various Artists Presented Free By Record Mirror VIRGIN V 2089
77 Various Artists The State Disco Party - Presented Free By Record Mirror STATE VR-08 12089


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