Starphonic Records is a label of the Starphonic recording studios, of Bramhall, Cheshire.  Starphonic seems to have been in business from the mid '60s until around 1975.  It advertised regularly in 'The Stage' magazine, generally saying that it was available for the making of commercial masters and demo recordings.  In the earliest advert of the 3rd of February 1966, it referred to itself as 'Starphonic Sound Studios'; this had become 'Starphonic Sound Recording Studios' by the 12th of January 1967, and it ended up as 'Starphonic Recording Studios' on the  9th of March of that year.  It seems to have acted as a management agency as well as a studio. The Stage' magazine adverts in issues in March and December 1966 said that 'Starphonic Promotions' of Bramhall was looking for artistes.  The company also advertised in the 'Liverpool Echo' in the late '60s, where it said "Demo recording of groups is our speciality."  The only reference to the 'Starphonic Record Company' that I can find came in "The Stage" of the 7th of March 1974, in an advert which said that famous organist Jimmy Leach was available as an  accompanist.  This suggests that the record label was a comparative latecomer to the company's stable of businesses. Starphonic Records seems to have acted as a custom recording outlet.  It used an STA-100 numerical series for its products, 7" and 12" alike.  It concentrated on LPs, but it earned itself a place on this site by putting out Barry Dean's 'This Is My Life' b/w 'Girl In The Wood' single (STA-107) and an EP by The Walkden Band, 'Marches In Style' (STA-110).  Tracks on that EP were 'Mancunia', 'Washington Greys', 'Father Rhine' and 'Bramwyn'.  Frustratingly there are no dates on the labels of Starphonic's records, but a note on the back of the Walken Band's EP says that it was recorded in June 1972.  Despite the claim on the labels, the few Starphonic products seem to be by local choirs and brass bands rather than examples of 'International Recorded Music'; just for the sake of interest I've listed them below.  Perhaps the 'international' material was on one of the many missing albums.  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Not Traced STARPHONIC STA 101
70 Not Traced STARPHONIC STA 102
70 Not Traced STARPHONIC STA 103
71 Not Traced STARPHONIC STA 104
71 Not Traced STARPHONIC STA 105
71 Not Traced STARPHONIC STA 106
72 Barry Dean This Is My Life STARPHONIC STA 107
72 Not Traced STARPHONIC STA 108
72 The Stannington Brass Band An Album Of Local Christmas Carols (Album) STARPHONIC STA 109
72 The Walkden Band Mancunia STARPHONIC STA 110
73 Not Traced STARPHONIC STA 111
73 Not Traced STARPHONIC STA 112
73 Not Traced STARPHONIC STA 113
73 Not Traced STARPHONIC STA 114
74 Glossop School Brass Band Glossop School Brass Band (Album) STARPHONIC STA 115
74 Not Traced STARPHONIC STA 116
74 Not Traced STARPHONIC STA 117
74 The Maia Choirs The Maia Choirs (Album) STARPHONIC STA 118
74 Hathersage Band Hathersage Band (Album) STARPHONIC STA 119

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