Independent label: Stardust Records was run by Martin Murray, who had achieved fame as a founder-member of The Honeycombs.  Stardust issued at least two singles in 1979, using different numerical series.  Satyr's 'Love Slide Boogie' b/w 'Problem In The City', was numbered STAR-001, while 'I Saw Her With Another Guy', by Mod band The Nightriders, from Ely, had a catalogue number of STR-1001.  There were at least three other releases on Stardust in 1980; these kept the 1000 numbering but had a STAR prefix. Distribution was by Pinnacle. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Satyr Problem In The City STARDUST STAR 001
79 Nightriders I Saw Her With Another Guy STARDUST STR 1001
80 Not Traced STARDUST STAR 1002
80 La Its My Life STARDUST STAR 1003
80 Friends Destination STARDUST STAR 1004
80 Jackie Morris Microprocessor Control  STARDUST STAR  1107

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