Independent label: Star Records managed at least one single. Star is one of those labels which serves a niche market for a long time, existing largely outside the mainstream musical world.  It was set up in Balsall Heath in 1970 by record shop owner Muhammad Ayub, initially in order to record a couple of local Bhangra bands.  The venture proved successful.  Star evolved into Oriental Star, later Oriental Star Agency / OSA, and became Britain's leading Asian record label.  It was responsible for recording Bally Sagoo and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, both of whom gained wide recognition in the 'World Music' field, and it is still going today.  As far as 7" records are concerned, the only one that googling reveals is the Anari Sangeet Party EP shown above, which featured 'Bhabi Noon Nanan Dasdi' and three other tracks, but the catalogue number, S/SR-117, suggests that there ought to be at least sixteen others.  By the time it came out, in  1977, the label had been in operation for several years, so other 7" releases are not unlikely - they're just not the kind of thing which turns up in second-hand shops or on ebay.  If you know of any I would be glad to hear of them.  The other number on the EP, JHEPS-208, was one of a series used by the Zella studios, where the recording was done.  LPs were numbered in the SRLP-5000s; the highest number that I have found so far is SRLP-5127, which came out in 1991, but by that point CDs were taking over. Distributed By Star Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Anjan Group (Mastan Singh Heera) Star Agencies Present Anjan Group Ep STAR SR 101
72 Anari Sangeet Party Anari Sangeet Party Volume 3 STAR SR 102
72 Not Traced STAR SR 103
72 Not Traced STAR SR 104
72 Not Traced STAR SR 105
72 Not Traced STAR SR 106
72 Not Traced STAR SR 107
73 Anokha Group Charh Dee Jawani Meri STAR SR 108 LYN  2768
79 Hussain Bakhsh Finest Ghazals In Urdu By Hussain Bakhsh (Album) STAR S/SRLP  109
73 Not Traced STAR SR 110
73 Not Traced STAR SR 111
73 Not Traced STAR SR 112
73 Not Traced STAR SR 113
73 Not Traced STAR SR 114
73 Not Traced STAR SR 115
77 Balbir Singh And Bhujhangy Group  Walayati Main Taan Peeni Aa  STAR SR 116 JHEPS  204
77 Anari Sangeet Party Bhabi Noon Nanan Dasdi STAR SR 117 JHEPS  208
77 Not Traced STAR SR 118
77 Not Traced STAR SR 119
78 Bhujhangy Group Bhabhi Akh Lar Gayee STAR S/SR 120 JHEPS  225
79 G.S.Sagoo, Gurdev Singh Dev (Jugnu Group) Punjabi Folk Songs STAR S/SR 121
78 Not Traced STAR S/SRLP 1001
78 Shoqeen Badayuni  Ae Saware Do Alam / Ham Gunahgaron Ke STAR S/SRLP 1002 JHEPS  220

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