Independent label: Stage One Records main line of business was as a record distributor, but during 1979-84 it appears to have made several forays into the record making business.  Its first release was in co-operation with ZE records, and was a reissue of the Nazis Against Fascism single 'Sid Did It' (STAGE-1), which originally came out on the Truth label. July 1980 saw the arrival of the second single, Squire's 'My Mind Goes Round In Circles' (STAGE-2), which had no ZE connection; what it did have was a different label design, one with a stage coach logo. There was then something of a gap until an album by James T. Pursey, 'Revenge Is Not The Password' (CODE-01; 1983); a single by the same artist, 'If Only Before', was put out in March 1984 in both 12" (CODE-02) and 7" (CODE-027) forms. And was a Lyntone pressing - LYN 14257 / LYN 14258. Unsurprisingly, Stage One handled the distribution of its records itself. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Nazis Against Fascism Sid Did It STAGE ONE STAGE 1
80 Squire My Mind Goes Round In Circles STAGE ONE STAGE 2
84 James T. Pursey If Only Before STAGE ONE CODE 027
86 The Childrens Choir Of St. Andrews School, Horsell, Surrey For The Children By The Children STAGE ONE ECPB 1

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