Stage One Records was a label of John Bassett's 'Stage One' recording studios, of Forest Gate, London.  None of the three Stage One records  has a year on it.  However, the two pictured were manufactured by Orlake, and their labels have that 'rough inner, smooth outer' appearance which is typical of Orlake pressings before Spring 1979 - Orlakes after that time have smooth labels - so I'm confident that they are from the '70s.  I suspect that the Lorraine True single 'Homeward Bound For Christmas' (JB-280) may be a proper issue, and that the EPs by Unity and Mick & Mitch may be custom recordings, but that's only a hunch.  The Lorraine True record is in mono; if I was pushed to guess at a date I'd say 1975, with the EPs slightly later.  The EPs were numbered in a JB-100 series; I haven't as yet stumbled across JB-101.  John Bassett appears to have been behind another label, 'Stage Two', in the early '80s, which is another good reason for believing that his 'Stage One' label was from the '70s. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Lorraine True Homeward Bound For Christmas STAGE ONE JB 281
77 Not Traced STAGE ONE JB 101
77 Unity Helen Jane STAGE ONE JB 102
77 Mick And Mitch Aquarius STAGE ONE JB 103
79 James Kirke And I Love Her So STAGE ONE GRKA 14

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