Independent label: Stag Records.The remaining two Stag labels both came on the scene in 1978, and they appear to have released just one single each.  This Stag was one of the Plastic Fantastic family, and its single was 'When It's Over' b/w 'Swan Song' by Dean Wyman, which came out in September 1978.  The catalogue number, PF-007, was one of a series used by Plastic Fantastic; other records in that series came out on Ultra and Free Range as well as on Plastic Fantastic itself. As far as musical content is concerned, we're talking straightforward Pop with harmony vocals; the 'B' is slightly tougher - I've seen it listed under 'Power Pop', but it doesn't sound that way to me. Manufacture and distribution were by Pye. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Wyman Dean When ItīS Over STAG PF 007

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