Independent label: Stag Records And the second obscure Stag label from North of the Border; it was a division of Alba Records, of Edinburgh.  Catalogue numbers suggest that it issued at least two records, which would make it the most second productive of the four 1970s Stags.  Its second release, an EP by Country singer Garry Weston, 'The Home I Left Behind' (GW-102) came out in 1978 and is pictured above.  The sleeve notes mention a previous EP, "The Country Kid From The Orkney Isles', but that came out on the Dara label, which leaves us wondering what GW-101 was. Distributed By Alba Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Country Kid The Country Kid From The Orkney Isles (EP) STAG GW 101
78 Garry Weston he Home I Left Behind STAG GW 102

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