Independent American label from Nashville: SSS International Records was founded in 1967 by Shelby Singleton; it offered a mixture of Southern Soul, Country and Pop, and enjoyed a modicum of success in the States. It only made a fleeting appearance in Britain, releasing at least one single and a handful of budget-priced albums in 1971 to 1973, through Phonogram.  The single had Neil Ray's 'Big Fanny' on one side and 'Child Of Poverty' by Paul Martin on the other; it was numbered 6154-002, which makes one wonder if there was a 6154-001 - I haven't found any trace of it as yet.  Sadly the single was issued during the period when Phonogram used injection-moulded labels.  I've included a scan of one of the (paper-labelled) LPs in order to show how dull the single was by comparison. Distributed By Phonogram Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

69 Not Traced SSS INTERNATIONAL 6154 001
69 Ray Neil Big Fanny SSS INTERNATIONAL 6154 002

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