Independent label: SRS Records was a record label of Sound Recording Services, of Bath.  SRS seems to have been a custom recording concern.  Its albums, EPs and singles were all numbered in the SRS-2100s. The SRS EP shown, Shag Connors's 'Nagging Woman' (SRS-2105; 1979) had no company name or logo on it: it was identifiable only by its catalogue number.  Other SRS records would appear to have been equally self-effacing.  The Shag Connors EP was pressed in France, and had an injection-moulded metallic-pink label; at least two other SRSes - 2106, Touch Of Country's 'For The Good Times' LP, and 2107, Felicity Haze's 'It's been A Great Afternoon' single - were pressed there as well.  The Touch Of Country LP came out on the 'Vale' label.  There don't seem to have been many SRSes.  They were issued from 1978 until at least 1980, and the highest number I have so far been able to trace is that of the Felicity Haze single mentioned above, SRS-2107.  The is one minor collectable on the label: a single by New Wave band Moskow, 'Man From Uncle' (SRS-2103, 1978), which came out on the 'Moskow' label and which was reissued on Rialto Records (TREB-107; 8/79). Distributed By SRS Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Felicity Haze Felicity Haze (Album) SRS SRS 2101
78 The Moonrakers Showband The Parrot Collection Vol.1 (Album) SRS SRS 2102
78 Moskow Man From Uncle SRS SRS 2103
79 Not Traced SRS SRS 2104
79 Shag Connors And The Carrot Crunchers Nagging Woman SRS SRS 2105
79 Touch Of Country For The Good Times (Album) SRS SRS 2106
80 Felicity Haze It'S Been A Great Afternoon FELICITATIONS SRS 2107

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