Squad Records was a DIY label from Coventry. It was owned by the Punk band of that name, and it seems to have acted as a vehicle for records by them.  At least two singles appeared on the Squad label, which isn't bad going for a DIY concern.  Those singles included the band's own, 'Red Alert' (SQS-1; 9/78), and 'Mi££ionaire' (SQS-2; 1979).  'Red Alert' was recorded by Tank Studios, and had a matrix number of BSS-333; it had a picture of the band on the label.  Both sides of 'Mi££ionaire' had a white label with the band's name occupying most of the top half. Distributed By Squad Records. Squad band members were Bass – Sam McNulty, Drums – Mark Hatwood, Guitar [Guitars] – Danny Cunningham, Vocals – Gus Chambers. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Squad Red Alert SQUAD SQS 1
79 Squad Millionare SQUAD SQS 2

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