Independent label: Spurs Records Unsurprisingly featured a single by the Tottenham Hotspur Football Team.  It was called 'Hot Spurs Boogie', and it came out in 1973.  Its catalogue number was MEI-102 - M.E.I. was the company responsible for the record.  MEI-001, which was presumably the record before this one despite the '100' numbering, was by the Queens Park Rangers football team, and can be found on the 'Q.P.R. (1972)' page.  A group of Tottenham supporters, the Cockerel Chorus, charted early in 1973 with 'Nice One Cyril' (Young Blood, YB-1017), but the team themselves failed to match their supporters' success with 'Hot Spurs Boogie'.  However, they managed to score Chart hits twice in the '80s in the shape of 'Ossie's Dream' and 'Tottenham Tottenham', both of which were on the Rockney label. Distributed By Spurs Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Queens Park Rangers Football Team Rangers Rangers QPR MEI 101
73 Tottenham Hotspur Football Team  Hot Spurs Boogie SPURS MEI 102

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