Independent American label: Spring Records was founded in the late '60s by Bill Spitalsky and Roy & Julie Rifkind; it enjoyed considerable success in the States, and can claim to have issued the fist ever Hip-Hop single, the Fatback Band's, 'King Tim III'.   In Britain, Spring's records were licensed out to other labels, such as Polydor, until 1976, when they began to appear on the company's own label.  Spring managed a few hit minor singles over here, with the Fatback Band, during the Disco era, but it seems not to have survived long into the '80s.  Manufacturing and distribution were by Polydor / Phonodisc; Spring singles shared a 2066-000 numerical series, and from 1979 a POSP-0 series, with those of Polydor.  Labels were generally of the injection moulded type and the odd one or two were coloured silver; but occasionally the more attractive paper type appeared, presumably as a result of other manufacturers doing contract pressings. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 The Beatles Excerpt From Paul Mccartney Interview POLYDOR PPSP 1
76 Crosby-Nash Spotlight/Out Of The Darkness POLYDOR PPSP 2
76 Bee Gees You Should Be Dancing (Mono Radio Version) RSO PPSP 3
76 Lee Marvin (And The Bar Flies) O'Reilly's Daughter (from the film "Shout At The Devil") POLYDOR PPSP 4
76 Not Traced POLYDOR PPSP 5
76 Fatback Band Night Fever SPRING PPSP 6
73 Millie Jackson It Hurts So Good SPRING 2066 363
74 Millie Jackson How Do You Feel The Morning After SPRING 2066 466
76 Fatback Band Night Fever SPRING 2066 706
76 Jackson Millie A House For Sale SPRING 2066 713
77 Fatback Band Double Dutch SPRING 2066 777
78 Jackson Millie If You´Re Not Back In Love By Monday SPRING 2066 843
78 Fatback Band Master Booty SPRING 2066 870
78 Fatback Band Mile High SPRING 2066 900
78 Fatback I Like Girls SPRING 2066 923
78 Evans Paul Hello This Is Joanie SPRING 2066 932
78 Paul Evans Hello, This Is Joannie (The Telephone Answering Machine Song) SPRING 2066 932
78 Millie Jackson Sweet Music Man  SPRING 2066 973
78 Fatback I'm Fired Up SPRING 2066 975
79 Joe Simon Love Vibration SPRING 2095 029
79 Fatback (Do The) Boogie Woogie  SPRING 2095 055
79 Jackson Millie A Moment'S Pleasure SPRING 2095 091
80 Fatback Gotta Get My Hands On Some (Money) / Street Band SPRING 2095 204
80 The Fatback Band King Tim III (Personality Jock) SPRING 2095 214
80 Busta Jones Just A Little Misunderstanding SPRING 2095 234
80 Fatback Gotta Get My Hands On Some (Money) SPRING 2095 255
80 Millie Jackson This Is It  SPRING 2095 268
81 Fatback Backstrokin' SPRING 2095 332
81 Fatback (To Be) Without Your Love / Concrete Jungle SPRING 2095 347
78 Millie Jackson Go Out And Get Some SPRING POSP 013
79 Joe Simon Love Vibration SPRING POSP 26
79 Millie Jackson My Man, A Sweet Man SPRING POSP 29
79 Evans Paul What A Nice Guy Like Me SPRING POSP 39
79 Fatback Do The Boogie Woogie SPRING POSP 46
79 Millie Jackson Never Change Lovers In The Middle Of The Night SPRING POSP 51
79 The Fatback Band You're My Candy Sweet / King Tim III (Personality Jock) SPRING POSP 78
79 Millie Jackson & Isaac Hayes Feels Like The First Time  SPRING POSP 87
79 Renee Pryor Broadway  SPRING POSP 109
79 Millie Jackson Didn't I Blow Your Mind  SPRING POSP 126
80 Fatback Band Backstrokin' SPRING POSP 149
80 Fatback Band Let'S Do It Again SPRING POSP 196
81 Jackson Millie I Had To Say It SPRING POSP 223
81 Millie Jackson Loving Arms / Leftovers SPRING POSP 254
81 Fatback Take It Any Way You Want It SPRING POSP 283
81 Fatback Kool Whip  SPRING POSP 321
81 Millie Jackson Special Occasion SPRING POSP 524
81 Fatback Girl So Fine SPRING POSP 590
82 The Fatback Band (Are You Ready) Do The Bus Stop ? SPRING POSP 601

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