Spott Records was a DIY label. It managed at least one singles. It issued singles in an PUSS-0 numerical series. Distributed By Spott Records. Digital Dinosaurs were one of the foremost cassette bands, with nine releases on their own Spott label. The 'Dinosaurs were a couple years older than most of their cassette-swapping peers, and if their music is more varied and complex (even a bit schizophrenic), it also draws more extensively on their pre-punk heritage...especially their heroes the Bonzo Dog Band, who they honored both musically and theatrically. Having given up on singles on account of the expense (their debut may exist only as an acetate). Digital Dinosaurs Was Formed in Coventry, West Midlands with band members of Chris Sidwell, Gordon Francis, Charles Evans, Dave Francis, Peter Hulbert, Ray Fullard, Steve Mayo..

78 Digital Dinosaurs Fingers & Thumbs / Mellow Yellow SPOTT PUSS 1
79 Digital Dinosaurs Earpop (Cassette) SPOTT PUSS 2
80 Digital Dinosaurs New Needles (Cassette)  SPOTT PUSS 3
80 Digital Dinosaurs A Final Touch - Songs for Sinking Sailors (Cassette) SPOTT PUSS 4
80 Digital Dinosaurs Huh?... (Album) SPOTT PUSS 5
81 Digital Dinosaurs The Bedroom Tapes (Cassette)  SPOTT PUSS 6
81 Digital Dinosaurs The Digital Dinosaurs Hit Singles Collection 1981 SPOTT PUSS 7

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