Independent label: Splash Records was owned by Chas Peate; thus the 'CP' in prefix which the singles used.  Splash's first record, 'Sky High', by Jigsaw (CPI-1; 10/75), reached No.9 in the Singles Charts, but none of its subsequent releases managed to match that performance - all subsequent singles used a CP prefix rather than a CPI one, incidentally.  Another Jigsaw single, 'If I Have To Go Away' (CP-11; 6/77) crept into the Top 40; but after that, nothing.  Initially Splash was handled by Larry Uttal's 'Private Stock' records and had that company's logo at the six o'clock position.  Distribution was by EMI. The 'Private Stock' logo disappeared after the release of CP-10, in January 1977, which suggests that a break with that company took place early that year.  Subsequent CP-00s were still manufactured and distributed by EMI; and were marketed by EMI's Licensed Record Division during 1978.  1979 saw a move to Pye and a change of catalogue numbers, to SP-000.  Later the numbering was changed again, to the CPS-1000s; the label was still releasing singles in 1988. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Jigsaw Skyhigh SPLASH CP 1
76 Hewson Richard Orchestra Love For Hire SPLASH CP 2
76 Jigsaw Love Fire SPLASH CP 3
76 Lovebirds Sing Sing Sing SPLASH CP 4
76 Whiskey Mac I Will Always Be Around SPLASH CP 5
76 Hewson Richard Orchestra Shark Bite SPLASH CP 6
76 Fearn & Friends We Can Makke Music SPLASH CP 7
76 Jigsaw Cry SPLASH CP 8
76 Townley John Ferguson  Loved Me Love You SPLASH CP 9
76 Hewson Richard Orchestra Love Without End SPLASH CP 10
77 Jigsaw If I Have To Go Away SPLASH CP 11
77 Hewson Richard Orchestra What Shell We Do When The Disco'S Over SPLASH CP 12
77 Amaryllis Cathy'S Clown SPLASH CP 13
77 Supastreak Looking For Me SPLASH CP 14
77 Force Star Wars Disco SPLASH CP 15
77 Jigsaw Only When I'M Lonely SPLASH CP 16
77 Trainer Phil Carousel SPLASH CP 17
78 Burns Byron Ooh Baby SPLASH CP 18
78 T Ford & Boneshakers Quarter To Three SPLASH CP 19
78 Jigsaw Everytime SPLASH CP 20
78 T Ford & Boneshakers I Go Ape SPLASH CP 21
78 Accident Who'S Taking You Home SPLASH CP 22
78 T Ford & Boneshakers Twilight Time SPLASH CP 23
78 Candlewick Green Who Do You Think You Are SPLASH CP 24
79 Pumphouse Gang Spotlight SPLASH SP 001
79 Jigsaw Sky High (Disco) SPLASH SP 002
79 T-Ford Just Keep It Up (And See What Happens) SPLASH SP 003
79 Byron Burns That's When You Know (Your Woman Wants To Be Free) SPLASH SP 004
79 Phil Trainer There She Goes SPLASH SP 005
79 Tito Simon Monday Morning Feeling SPLASH SP 006
79 Jigsaw Looking For Me SPLASH SP 007
79 Pumphouse Gang Stay With Me SPLASH SP 008
80 T-Ford Love You Like I Do SPLASH SP 009
80 Pumphouse Gang Judy Turn Out The Light SPLASH SP 010
80 Simon Tito Oh Patricia SPLASH SP 011
80 Jigsaw No Long Songs SPLASH SP 012
80 T-Ford Nothing But Tease SPLASH SP 013
80 Supastreak To Be Or Not To Be SPLASH SP 014
80 Jigsaw "I" SPLASH SP 015
80 Rich Gypsy What Hit Me SPLASH SP 016
80 Jigsaw Prizefighter SPLASH SP 017
80 Ink Spots Beautiful Experience SPLASH SP 018
80 Mike Morton Electric Fanfare SPLASH SP 019
81 Thomas Reva Love Doctor SPLASH SP 020
81 Rich Gypsy Twist & Shout SPLASH SP 021
81 Jigsaw You Bring Out The Best SPLASH SP 022
82 Sacchi Robert Jungle Queen SPLASH SP 023
83 Trix In This Universe SPLASH SP 024
83 Jigsaw Love Isn'T Home SPLASH SP 025
83 Percival Norman Fighter Pilot SPLASH SP 026
85 Johnson Chico Miss Thing SPLASH SP 027
85 Jack & Jill You   SPLASH SP 028
85 Welles Orson I Know What It Is To SPLASH SP 029
86 The Duty Frees Holiday SPLASH CPS 1001
86 I.C.Q. My Computer Knows SPLASH CPS 1002
86 Not Traced SPLASH CPS 1003
86 Not Traced SPLASH CPS 1004
86 Des Dyer Voice Of America SPLASH CPS 1005
86 Jigsaw Skyhigh SPLASH CPS 1006
86 Henderson Phil Secret Pictures SPLASH CPS 1007
86 Donnelly Bill Move Over SPLASH CPS 1008
87 Pertwee Jon Never Ever Talk SPLASH CPS 1009
87 Ford John T What You Gonna Do SPLASH CPS 1010
88 That Girl Dream Lover SPLASH CPS 1011
88 Otis Jon In The Middle Of The Road SPLASH CPS 1012
88 Step By Step There She Goes SPLASH CPS 1013



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