Spin Records would appear to have been a DIY label.  The only record on the label was, 'Now That She's Away' by The Southlanders (SP-1; 1973).  A vocal group of that name recorded for Decca in the late 1950s, with some success - 'The Mole In A Hole' is their best-remembered record - and is still going today, albeit with much-changed personnel.  It may be that the Spin single was a self-financed recording by that group. The style of the label is very similar to Road and Folk On The Fringe '76 Records, which suggests that the records may have come from the same sourse - Craighall Studios, of Edinburgh. Distributed By Spin Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 The Southlanders Now That She's Away SPIN SP 1

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