Independent label: Spider Records vast majority were about football clubs or football personalities, the exception being an EP by the Llandulas Male Voice Choir.  The sleeve of the Wrexham record says that an LP of Wrexham FC songs would soon be available - that was in 1978, so presumably the company made at least one venture into the album market.  As Vic Blackwell was involved in several Spider records it seems like a good guess that the label was his: his 'Red Machine' appears on the 'B' sides of SP-04 and SP-05 as well as in its own right on SP-02.  He was also responsible for several other football songs on different labels in praise of Nottingham Forest, Everton, Middlesbrough and Liverpool (again), either recording them himself - solo or with supporters - or getting the team itself to sing along.  If anybody knows waht SP-07 was, I'd be interested to hear - it might have been the Wrexham LP, perhaps. Distributed By Spider Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Janie Brandon Mr. Keegan SPIDER SP 01
77 Vic Blackwell Red Machine SPIDER SP 02
78 The Everton Supporters Marching To Glory SPIDER SP 03
78 Wrexham Supporters Wrexham Is The Name SPIDER SP 04
78 Vic Blackwell And The Nottingham Forestt Supporters Nottingham Forest SPIDER SP 05
78 Arsenal Supporters Come On You Reds SPIDER SP 06
78 Not Traced SPIDER SP 07
78 Llanddulas Male Voice Choir Myfanwy/My Lord / Rivers Of Babylon/Floral Dance SPIDER SP 08
79 Vic Blackwell And Liverpool Supporters Liverpool Are The Team SPIDER SP 09

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